5 Great Small Backyard Patio Ideas for Your Home

5 Great Small Backyard Patio Ideas for Your Home

If you’re looking to update and improve your home, you’re not alone. In 2016 alone, Americans spent $310 billion on home remodeling and repairs. That’s quite a chunk of change.

The backyard is meant for entertainment and relaxation, so it’s a great idea to update it. Regardless of the size of your backyard, you have room for a small backyard patio. This space is great for grilling out, lounging under the sun, and conversing with friends and family.

Essentially, a patio is exactly what you need in your backyard to enjoy the nice weather. Here are five awesome yet simple small backyard patio ideas for your home:

1. Stone patio with fire table and outdoor furniture

Make your backyard fit for a night under the stars. For this minimalist design, you lay a stone patio to a suitable size for your yard, then set up an outdoor fire table and furniture. Add in a grill, hammock, and any other decor you desire.

You don’t need to be a master of paving and masonry to build this small backyard patio, but do contact professionals to help if you’re not confident you can produce the look you desire.

2. Courtyard patio with a pergola

There are many great things about a courtyard patio. They possess a simple elegance and offer incredible coziness. They can also be a private getaway within your own backyard. For this small courtyard patio, lay a stone patio, install a pergola, and set up furniture and plants as you see fit.

The area could be for rest and relaxation, dining, or whatever else you please. To give the courtyard patio a more natural feel, get some climbing vines for the pergola.

3. Glass house in the backyard

A small glass house in the backyard offers you a quiet escape during any time of the year. Not only do you get protection from the elements, a glass garden house enhances the aesthetics of any yard. It can blend in perfectly with the surrounding layout, as you can design and build it in so many different ways. You start by building the structure, which involves a paved concrete or wood floor and aluminum or steel frame. From there, you can add to the design. For instance, some folks advise greening the roof by planting grass or plants. You can line the sides with climbing vines as well.

Given that building one of these can be delicate and difficult, get in touch with reputable home renovation contractors to help you get the job done correctly.

4. Artificial turf patio with sofa and fireplace

Great for urban condos and townhomes, an artificial turf patio brings you a green look without the hassle or maintenance. The artificial turf patio is simple to build, as you just have to use concrete for the foundation.

You can also add in decor to support whatever function you please. In addition to an outdoor sofa and a fireplace, which already makes your small backyard patio the spot to just chill, you could add in a water fountain, flowers, and a canopy.

5. Brick patio in the garden

If charming and relaxing are what you’re going for, few small backyard patio ideas are better than a brick patio within a garden. For the best look, build the patio in the center or back of the garden area, with a pathway leading there. You can go with a circular design so that the area blends seamlessly with the surrounding plant life. Then, get furniture to match the environment.

Building this type of small backyard patio is pretty straightforward. You will need to know how to lay a brick patio. Again, get professional help if you’re not fully confident or simply don’t have the time to do it.

Building the small backyard patio of your dreams

The right small backyard patio can make your backyard more entertaining and relaxing. It can also maximize use of your property.

There are tons of ideas for a small backyard patio, and you really can’t go wrong with any of the five listed here. Use these as a starting point and inject your own creative vision. And, if needed, hire professional home renovation contractors to make your vision a beautiful reality. Get a free quote for your future backyard patio.