5 Great Garden Paving Design Ideas


It’s summer. The weather is splendid. You’re sitting outside on your patio, enjoying a nice cup of cold lemonade. You’re surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants.


It doesn’t get much better, does it?


Since a nice garden can make life at home so great, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that nearly half of American homeowners actively maintain a garden. Folks want their garden to look spectacular.


To enhance your garden, pave a patio or path around, through, or in it. This will allow you to enjoy all that your garden offers. To get you started on your project, read about these five great garden paving design ideas:

1. Stepping stones to a fire pit

Not only do stepping stones have a unique charm, they can also prevent wear and tear to the ground around them. A great garden paving idea for your yard could be to lay stepping stones that lead to a fire pit within the garden. The fire pit can offer you a nice getaway within your own property. Add in seats around it as you see fit.


To lay stepping stones, dig out the grass and soil where you wish to place the stone, then fill the hole with soft sand. Add in cement and water so that the mortar is thick yet movable. After that, you can lay the stone.

2. Patio with a fountain

The sound of flowing water is peaceful, isn’t it? This is a traditional garden paving design idea that can provide your garden with a touch of natural elegance. There are a variety of garden paving materials you can choose, such as slate, outdoor tile, brick, and cobblestone. For adding the water feature, you also have countless options, including a water channel, a central round fountain, a small waterfall pond, and more.


What’s nice is that you can tailor the design to suit your stylistic preferences and the layout of your garden. Note: Since building a patio with a water element is a little more demanding than some other garden paving work, hire a home remodeling contractor if you’re not entirely confident you can achieve the results you want.  

3. A curved walkway with a bench

A beautiful garden path will sweep you and your guests off your feet. Yes, they’re that amazing. For your curved walkway through the garden, you can let your creativity run wild. Build a gravel pathway with stone edging, or line freeform bluestone slabs over mulch. Along the path, add a custom rest stop, such as a stone or wooden bench (whatever matches best!).


With a garden path, you have lots of design freedom beyond garden paving materials. For instance, Italian cypress trees edging a brick path looks incredible. Or, you could create a small stream and make a little bridge across it.

4. A gravel base with dining table

Do you like simplicity? Well, this minimalist garden patio is just what you need. Depending on your space and where you want to build the patio, you have ample design options. The good news is that, as a garden paving material, gravel is quite versatile.


For example, at the entry of the garden, you could go with a rustic design with a square gravel patio and naturally weathered wooden furniture. For a European- or Mediterranean-inspired look, set up a bistro table for morning coffee, afternoon snacks, and evening cocktails, and add in flowers and plants from the region.

5. Brick patio with an ornamental entry

Brick is a great choice for garden paving because it’s dignified yet casual—a combination that’s tough to achieve. For this design, you lay the brick patio right near the garden, and then erect an ornamental entry. Your garden entrance could be anything you like, from a custom-built wooden gate to a picket fence to a steel arch.


To lay a brick patio, prepare the base by excavating the area to a depth of 8 inches. Spread gravel over that area, then rake and smooth. Install edging of your choice and spread sand over the gravel until you have a smooth surface. Then, lay the brick pavers and fill the joints with polymeric sand.

Choosing the right garden paving design idea

To build the garden that you’ll just love, first select a garden paving material that matches your needs, budget, and preferences. Then, incorporate it with a design idea that excites you. Any one of the five listed here would work great. These ideas allow for creative flexibility so that you can get the look you want.


Of course, if you’re not certain you can pave your garden patio or walkway to the quality you want, contact a reputable contractor in your area. Hiring a home remodeling expert ensures your garden will look as beautiful as you envision.

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