Become a Master of Backyard Tiles

You want to be the master of backyard tiling? Don’t worry, we can help. Tiling in the backyard can create a great aesthetic and really make people want to enjoy the great outdoors (in modern comfort).

Reinvent your home with the well-chosen backyard tiles. Whether it’s a creating an elegant outdoor walkway or a glamorous patio, you can use a variety of tiles for backyard getaways.

Here’s how to tile your backyard like a pro:

The Process for Installing Backyard Tiles

You need to know how to do it: spoiler alert – it’s not easy. Lucky for you, you can follow this guide on mastering backyard tiling like a pro. As with any good project, you’ve got to build a solid foundation before laying down the groundwork.

• Start fresh with a concrete slab to give your backyard tiles a solid base. Although it may help having an existing slab in place, you need to make sure it’s unpainted and any cracks or holes are filled before you start tiling.
• Head to your closest home improvement store to find the proper adhesive for your backyard tiles to hold onto. Try to find a mortar with latex additives as this will reduce water absorptions in your backyard tiles.
• Use a trowel to spread the adhesive onto the concrete slab before laying down each tile, assuring that each tile is entirely covered to ensure the best hold possible.
• Make room for expansion joints in your tile installation, otherwise you may end up ruining your project in the long run. The Tile Council of America tells you all you need to know regarding expansion joints and where to put them.
• If you find yourself having to cut some tiles along the way, don’t be afraid to go ahead and grab a wet saw or a tile cutter. Although cutting backyard tiles can be a relatively easy task, “make sure you order a few extra to allow for mistakes.”

But what if your backyard gets drenched? Can you still put up backyard tiles? Absolutely, but drainage will quickly become your top priority.

How to Install Drainage Tiles

Drain tile is essentially piping with perforations or holes punched into the top. Here’s how to master installing drainage tiles in your own backyard:

• Identify the areas in your yard that tend to hold water. For some areas, you’ll just need to add or remove soil to help with the drainage issues. For others, you’ll need to find a downward path where you can install drainage tiles to help remove the water from your yard.
• Contact the local utilities so they can mark any buried lines on your property. This way, you’ll know where you can’t add drainage tile.
• Grab a shovel and dig a trench from the source of the water problem downhill to where the pipe is to be drained. Make sure to dig deep enough to leave room for about three inches of gravel below the pipe.
• Cover the pipe with soil by packing it on top with a hand tamper.

The Different Types of Backyard Tiles

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the tiles there are to choose from, consider these suggestions when browsing for your backyard tiles:

• Consider natural stones such as quartzite, slate, or limestone to create an authentic outdoor experience right in your own backyard. These backyard tiles are especially great for pathways or updating your patio.
• Lighting can also play an important factor in the kind of tiles you’re looking to place depending on the area. If it’s a well-lit area, try going for a light-colored tile to brighten the space. On the other hand, if the area’s a bit shadier, try opting for a darker tile to balance the space out.
• If you love the hardwood style, try out wood-look for your backyard tiles. Wood-look tile offers you the hardwood setting without the possibility of weakening due to outdoor conditions.
• Applying a sealant to your backyard tiles will help protect it from any effects of the outdoors (like such as moisture or staining).

Remember that different tiles have different properties, what may be great for using indoor may not be as useful as backyard tiles. So be sure to account for these qualities when choosing your tiles. They should stand up to outdoor elements, absorb little to no water to minimize the chance of any tile cracking, and have a slip-resistant surface. The last thing you want is to step onto your new patio and take a spill.

Or just hire the pros…

Wow. All of that may seem like a lot to take on.

(That’s because it is).

So, if you don’t feel like laying down all the tile yourself, the pros at American Home Remodeling will gladly handle the task for you. We can help you in everything from conceptual design to tile selection. We’ve been doing this for over four decades now, and we know backyard tiling inside and out.

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