4 Clever Small Bathroom Renovations


4 Clever Small Bathroom Renovations

Close your eyes and picture your dream home for a moment. What’s does it look like? Some people imagine a grand dining room to host parties. Others want a private study that they can call their own. But, somehow, most people want a really, really nice bathroom (or bathrooms).

We all want a bathroom fit for a king, but not all of us have the space for a king-sized bathroom. The good thing is that doesn’t mean you still can’t have the bathroom of your dreams.

Below are a few ideas for small bathroom renovations, to create a better looking and more accommodating space (even if you’re a little small on space).

1. Slimmer Sink

If you’re using a traditional sink, you probably don’t know about the inches concealed by that vanity. With a little bit of creativity, you can tweak the sink style, alter the type of installation, and fixtures and change your cabinetry choices to turn your cramped bathroom into a pleasurable retreat.

One of choice for your small bathroom renovations you may want to explore is the wall-mounted sink. With this, both the plumbing pipes and the washbowl are attached to the wall. This frees up floor space underneath. Try this especially if you’re going for a vintage or retro style bath––the exposed pipes will form part of the overall design scheme.

If you opt for a more modern sink, it’s still possible to set your sink on a shallower counter, giving you space to place your essentials as you get ready and spare you a couple of inches in the process.

2. Wall-Hung Toilet

As you look to save more bathroom space, you’ll realize that few solutions are as flexible as a wall-hung toilet.

With a wall-hung toilet, the tank recesses into the wall, helping you save up a couple of inches, and help you maintain a clean bathroom.

Examples of wall-hung toilets you could use include the TOTO Aquila Wall-Hung Toilet, the Kohler Veil, the Duravit Starck 1 (a little on the high end but worth it), and the Scarabeo Planet. Of course, for small bathroom renovations, these are as stylish as they come.

3. Frameless Glass Door

Maybe your space is between the walls and the frames of your shower door. Instead of having the typical door, why not use a frameless glass door?

Also, you can remove the walls around your shower to save a little more space. The bigger gain you get from this, however, is the visual appeal––it will look like the shower has disappeared, making the bathroom look bigger.

Another way you can improve your small bathroom renovations even further by using a mirrored cabinet that extends to the wall. This also helps visually expand the space.

4. About the Bathtub

So…we tried everything but there are only five feet left of your space.

Don’t worry. We can still fit in the bathtub with some clever small bathroom renovations.

There are plenty of manufacturers that make 60-inch tubs, or even less. Again, this will require creativity and a little research. For instance, fitting the tub into a corner could save you more space as it won’t require a long wall space that a standard tub would. You can get a corner tub that’s as compact as 4 feet by 4 feet. The depth can still be the conventional 21 to 26 inches.

All this without giving up on modern amenities. Some tubs will even come with jets to give you a spa-esque experience. Others will have a waterfall feature and inline heating ensuring continuously hot water.

You Don’t Have to Wait

With a small space, it might feel like you have to settle for a cramped and awkward layout for lack of enough space. But that shouldn’t have to be the choice you make. As seen, there are many flexible small bathroom renovations that can help you create more space.

You don’t have to wait until you’re living in your dream home to start enjoying. With a professional and a little renovation, you can make that a reality today. Speak with a small bathroom renovations expert today.


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